Building the corporate identity of the candle and its solid position in the global market, we responsibly developed the business plan for the candle industry, creating a relationship of transparency and quality of strategic sales moves, in absolute contact of producer / company and B2B partner.

We supply our candles depending on the type, category and reason for their use in:


  • Decoration
  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Hotels, Arbnb, Boats
  • Tourist shops
  • Catering
  • Events, Conferences
  • Wedding and Baptism
  • Wellness, care and treatment centers
  • Online stores
  • Product mix of special interest

The communication with us, shows from the first moment the professionalism and the interest towards our partner

  • Detailed presentation in corporate email from the competent communication department (customer communication)
  • Modern product catalog in two languages
  • Candle sampling (by arrangement)
  • Pre-order confirmation form
B2B Partners - Luxodor

We stand by our candles even after they are shipped, installed, displayed and sold.

Depending on the goal of the professional and what industry he belongs to, we specialize in proposals and solutions, so that the investment in our candle creates the immediate market and consumer power from a loyal and demanding audience!

We want to give our best every time and make use of our B2B collaborations, leaving our partner satisfied for the evolutionary levels we offer in terms of quality, technical and packaging, in order to highlight the design and collaboration in the Greek candle!

  • Communication (follow up) for information, evaluation and progress
  • Support of our products through promotional material
  • Open new codes and replace other codes, depending on direct sale, seasonal and demand
  • Organized installation with special stand construction